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Adventure - January 2006

Selected and annotated by Patty Barr

Abrahams, Peter. Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls Mystery. Geringer/Harper Collins, 2005. Grades 6 - 9
A combination of adventure and mystery in this novel draw the reader in to Ingrid's situation as she becomes involved in the murder of a stranger whom she has just met. As she tries to solve the mystery, she meets with several adventures and close calls.

Donaldson, Julia. The Giants and the Joneses; illus. by Greg Swearingen. Holt, 2005. Grades 4 - 6
Stephen, Poppy, and Colette are siblings who are kidnapped by a giant girl and carried up the beanstalk to live in her dollhouse. The three must try to escape from the giant and her villainous brother.

Fardell, John. The Seven Professors of the Far North. Putnam, 2005. Grades 4 - 6
The evil Dr. Murdo, a mad scientist, has kidnapped six scientists to help with his wicked schemes. He is unknowingly observed by three children, who follow clues left by one of the victims, to try to rescue them. Their adventures lead them all over the world.

Hart, J.V. Capt. Hook; The Adventures of a Notorious Youth; illus. by Brett Helquist. Geringer/Harper/Collins, 2005. Grades 6 - 10
James Matthews, the illegitimate son of an English Lord, must survive bullies and beatings at Eton. Along with some other non-traditional friends, he ends up being cast out from school and is sent to work on one of the English Lord's ships. Leading a mutiny, he and his friend take over the Sea Witch and sail off to a future story about a boy named Peter Pan.

Johnson, Maureen. Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes. HarperCollins, 2005. Grades 7 - 12
Seventeen-year-old Ginny's peculiar aunt has died, and left Ginny a small inheritance and 13 blue envelopes with directions that send her traveling all over Europe. On her adventures, Ginny's mundane life changes as she begins to understand herself and her aunt.

Meyer, L.A. Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber. Harcourt, 2005 Grades 7 - 10
Mary Faber, introduced to the reader in Bloody Jack, returns in this novel as she once again disguises herself as a sailor. This time, she is promoted to lieutenant under a brutal captain. When he dies, "Jack" takes command, and goes from commander to pirate to prisoner in rapid order. When Mary escapes, the adventures heat up,

Riordan, Rick. The Lightening Thief. Miramax/Hyperion, 2005. Grades 5 - 8
Twelve-year-old Percy (Perseus) finds a refuge from monsters at Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp for the children of Greek Gods. His assignment, along with two other campers, is to travel across the U.S. to Los Angeles and steal or bargain back Zeus' thunderbolt stolen by Hades.

Place, Nick. The Kazillion Wish; illus. by Ross Collins. Chicken House/Scholastic, 2005. Grades 3 - 5
When Harlan and Ainsley's divorced dad appears to be depressed and lonely, the two decide that he needs to fall in love. Their adventures begin when Ainsley finds a seed pod that she insists is a fairy wish pod, and their wish causes them to have to perform a seemingly impossible quest.

Pullman, Philip. The Scarecrow and His Servant; illus. by Peter Bailey. Knopf, 2005. Grades 4 - 6
In this novel and innovative tale, the scarecrow and his faithful servant, Jack, go from one adventure to another as they try to outwit the Buffalonis, who want to keep the scarecrow from inheriting his creator's estate. Silly and outrageous episodes keep the adventure fresh.

Wilson, Diane Lee. Black Storm Comin'. McElderry, 2005 Grades 8 - 12
Colton Wescott, age 12, is on the road to the west in a covered wagon with his white father and half-black mother, when his father accidentally shoots him in the leg. Things go from bad to worse until Colton decides to join the Pony Express, where the dangers and demands test the young man's courage.