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Suggested Blogs for Summer Reading - May 2011

Selected by CCB volunteers and affiliates, annotated by Miriam Larson

These have been recommended by CCB volunteers, youth services students, faculty and practicing librarians. - A thoughtful blog with a number of guest writers including well-known YA authors. This blog also boasts “The Ultimate Gay Reading List.” (Recommended by Anna Berger) - Not just a cheerleader for multiculturalism, this blog looks critically at books by and about people of color and also includes entries that reflect on the role book-sellers and publishers play in white-washing children’s and YA literature. (Recommended by Stephanie Miller, Natalie Sapkarov and Anna Berger) - A school librarian blogs about new media, teaching, and librarianship in the 21 st century. (Recommended by Uni High Librarian Frances Jacobson Harris) - A blog by the Libraries Group National Committee ( Britain) with reviews, news and other commentary for people who work with youth. (Recommended by Sarah Walkington) - Christopher Harris is a former school librarian and current school administrator who writes no nonsense commentary on libraries and teaching technology (Recommended by Professor Carol Tilley) - A comprehensive blog about youth media that addresses all kinds of social media, pop culture and marketing trends to keep companies, teachers, youth services librarians and youth up to date. (Recommended by Professor Carol Tilley) - An active children’s librarian overflows with suggestions and comments about programming, especially for elementary and preschool story times and baby lap times. (Recommended by Natalie Sapkarov)– This intersectional blog by media and ecology activist Antonio Lopez covers topics in media literacy, sustainability education, cultural diversity and Native American and Latino issues. (Recommended by Miriam Larson) - Asia in the Heart provides a transnational perspective on children’s and young adult literature featuring Asian and hyphenated Asian characters, settings, authors, illustrators and even software companies. (Recommended by Natalie Sapkarov) - This blog includes adult books as well as children and YA literature with a particular focus on women writers of color. The writers also run a library and non-profit that aims to empower young girls. (Recommended by Natalie Sapkarov) - “I’m here. I’m queer. What the hell do I read?” proclaims the top of Lee Wind’s blog about LGBTQ literature, culture, and politics. Lee Wind is a self described “writer, blogger and speaker out” who aims to empower GLBTQ teens and allies. (Recommended by Natalie Sapkarov)