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You Are What You Read: Books About Food - November 2005

Selected and annotated by Laura Bultman

Altman, Joyce. Lunch at the Zoo: What Zoo Animals Eat and Why; illus. by Rick Chrustowski and with photographs. Holt, 2001. Gr. 4-7
An introduction to what and how zoo animals eat.

Andersen, Hans Christian. The Pea Blossom; ad. and illus. by Amy Lowry Poole. Holiday House, 2005. 5-8 yrs.
Even the tiniest pea can make a difference.

Auch, Mary Jane. The Princess and the Pizza; written and illus. by Mary Jane and Herm Auch. Holiday House, 2002. 5-9 yrs.
Combination fairy-tale and parodied history of pizza, this fractured fairy-tale is worth tasting.

Aylesworth, Jim. The Burger and the Hot Dog; illus. by Stephen Gammell. Atheneum, 2001. Gr. 3-5
The burger and hot dog are squabbling, the orange is putting moves on the lemon, an ugly gang of sugar cookies hassles a passing bagel, maraschino cherries lament their prominent placement on sundaes, and a host of other foods show their poetic personalities in this edible collection of verse.

Bauer, Joan. Hope Was Here. Putnam, 2000. Gr. 7-10
Hope is an extraordinary waitress living with her aunt Addy in a small town in Wisconsin. A story about friendship, standing up for what's right, and, of course, serving a darn good meal.

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. Black Potatoes: The Story of the Great Irish Famine, 1845-1850. Houghton, 2001. Gr. 5-10
The potato blight that caused so many Irish immigrants to come to the United States is looked at from the other side of the ocean - what exactly happened in Ireland?

Broadley, Leo. Pedro the Brave; illus. by Holly Swain. Tiger Tales, 2002. 4-8 yrs.
Pedro and his trusty sidekicks outwit the yellow-eyed pointy-toothed timber wolf.

Compestine, Ying Chang. The Story of Noodles; illus. by YongSheng Xuan. Holiday House, 2002. 5-9 yrs.
The three young Kang brothers were supposed to make dumplings but they've made a mess instead! Will they be able to cook something in time for Mama's cooking contest?

Cooke, Trish. Full, Full, Full of Love; illus. by Paul Howard. Candlewick, 2003. 4-7 yrs.
An ode to family gatherings - and good food - at Grandmas.

Coy, John. Two Old Potatoes and Me; illus. by Carolyn Fisher. Knopf, 2003. 5-8 yrs.
A girl adjusting to her parents' divorce plants some old potatoes in her father's yard. As they grow, so does her acceptance of the situation.

Daly, Niki. What's Cooking, Jamela?; written and illus. by Niki Daly. Farrar, 2001. 4-7 yrs.
Jamela has named one of her chickens Christmas - and now her family wants to eat him for Christmas dinner!

Darrow, Sharon. Old Thunder and Miss Raney; illus. by Kathryn Brown. Kroupa/DK Ink, 2000. 5-8 yrs.
Miss Raney Cloud and her devoted horse, Old Thunder, are determined to win the biscuit making contest at the Washita County Fair. They are certain that this is their year… isn't it?

de Paola, Tomie, ad. Pascual and the Kitchen Angels; ad. and illus. by Tomie de Paola. Putnam, 2004. 4-8 yrs.
Pascual wanted to become a monk to help people, but now he's stuck in the kitchen and he doesn't know how to cook! Will the brothers go hungry? Not if the angels can help it!

Fleming, Candace. Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!; illus. by G. Brian Karas. Schwartz/Atheneum, 2002. 4-7 yrs.
Poor Mr. McGreely has finally planted his own vegetable garden, but there are three hungry bunnies who want to visit.

Greenstein, Elaine. Ice-Cream Cones for Sale!; written and illus. by Elaine Greenstein. Levine/Scholastic, 2003. 5-8 yrs.
A look into the history of ice-cream and its inventor.

Henkes, Kevin. Owen's Marshmallow Chick; written and illus. by Kevin Henkes. Greenwillow, 2002. 2-4 yrs.
Owen becomes so taken with his yellow marshmallow chick that he decides to save it as a toy rather than eat it.

Hershenhorn, Esther. Chicken Soup by Heart; illus. by Rosanne Litzinger. Simon, 2002. 4-7 yrs.
In order to made his babysitter feel better, Rudie makes her chicken soup full of memories and off-the-wall ingredients.

Horvath, Polly. Everything on a Waffle. Farrar, 2001. Gr. 5-8
When Primrose's parents disappear in a storm, she goes to live with her uncle Jack while awaiting their return.

Hopkinson, Deborah. Apples to Oregon; illus. by Nancy Carpenter. Schwartz/Atheneum, 2004. 5-8 yrs.
Based on the real-life story of the Luelling family that traveled from Iowa to Oregon with seven hundred fruit trees planted in the box of their wagon.

Hopkinson, Deborah. Fannie in the Kitchen; illus. by Nancy Carpenter. Schwartz/Atheneum, 2001. Gr. 2-4
Fannie Farmer was the innovator of cooking science who established the convention of specific measurement, but this story is about what happened before that.

Juan, Ana. The Night Eater; written and illus. by Ana Juan. Levine/Scholastic, 2004. 4-7 yrs.
Every night the Night Eater gobbles down the night and allows the sun to emerge. But now the Night Eater has decided not to eat any more nights - will it ever be daylight again? A bedtime story.

Kelly, John. The Mystery of Eatum Hall; written and illus. by John Kelly and Cathy Tincknell. Candlewick, 2004. 6-9 yrs.
Horace and Glenda Pork-Fowler have accepted a dinner invitation. Little do they know that they are scheduled to be the main course!

Kimmel, Eric A., ad. Cactus Soup; illus. by Phil Huling. Cavendish, 2004. 7-10 yrs.
Set during the Mexican Revolution, this retelling of Stone Soup involves very tired soldiers and a cactus thorn.

Kurlansky, Mark. The Cod's Tale; illus. by S.D. Schindler. Putnam, 2001. Gr. 3-6
A quirky review of the way dried fish facilitated the exploration and European settlement of North America, and an environmentalist salvo for conservation of a species.

Lewin, Ted. Big Jimmy's Kum Kau Chinese Take Out; written and illus. by Ted Lewin. HarperCollins, 2001. 4-8 yrs.
The story of what happens behind the scenes at a Chinese take-out restaurant.

Lewis, Paeony. No More Cookies!; illus. by Brita Granström. Chicken House/Scholastic, 2005. 3-6 yrs
Florence and her monkey doll, Arnold, will do anything to get just one more cookie despite Mom's repeated "no, no, no!"

Maloney, Peter. Bronto Eats Meat; written and illus. by Peter Maloney and Felicia Zekauskas. Dial, 2003. 4-6 yrs.
Bronto, a happy young brontosaurus, has accidentally swallowed little Billy! Not only is little Billy meat, but he's giving Bronto a terrible stomachache! Watch out for those taboo-breaking solutions!

McDonald, Megan. Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs!; illus. by Jane Manning. Greenwillow, 2005. 5-8 yrs
While filling out food pyramids in second grade, Beetle wonders why bugs don't have a food group. Would she want to eat a bug? If not, why did she say she would?

Munsch, Robert. More Pies!; illus. by Michael Martchenko. Cartwheel/Scholastic, 2002. 4-8 yrs.
Can Samuel win a pie-eating contest against several adults? He's certainly hungry enough…

Munsch, Robert. Mmm, Cookies!; illus. by Michael Martchenko. Cartwheel/Scholastic, 2000. 4-6 yrs.
Christopher has made a batch of cookies with clay - can he fool his parents into eating them? What about his teacher?

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Please Do Feed the Bears; illus. by Ana López Escrivá. Atheneum, 2002. 3-6 yrs.
Percy's family is going on a picnic, only someone has lost the food!

Nolan, Lucy. A Fairy in the Dairy; illus. by Laura J. Bryant. Cavendish, 2003. Gr. 2-4
When the mayor tries to sell out his town to a toothpick factory it's up to a cow named Pixie to save the day.

Oller, Erika. The Cabbage Soup Solution; written and illus. by Erika Oller. Dutton, 2004. 5-8 yrs.
Something is eating Elsie's cabbages and she and her cats are about to do something about it!

Priceman, Marjorie. Princess Picky; written and illus. by Marjorie Priceman. Roaring Brook, 2002. 5-8 yrs.
Princess Nicki will NOT eat her vegetables, but a clever wizard knows how to solve the problem.

Sanger, Amy Wilson. ¡Hola! Jalapeño; written and illus. by Amy Wilson Sanger. Tricycle, 2002. 3-6 yrs.
This second entry in the World Snack series takes a simple list of popular TexMex cuisine and turns it into a gleeful gustatory exaltation.

Segal, Lore. More Mole Stories and Little Gopher, Too; illus. by Sergio Ruzzier. Foster/Farrar, 2005. 4-7 yrs
Whether it's cookies, pretzels or chocolate-covered ants, Mole does not want to share!

Shulman, Lisa, ad. The Matzo Ball Boy; illus. by Rosanne Litzinger. Dutton, 2005. Gr. 5-8
When bubbe makes a matzo ball dough boy to keep her company, she doesn't expect it to run away! A Passover re-telling of "The Gingerbread Boy."

Smith, Linda. Mrs. Biddlebox; illus. by Marla Frazee. HarperCollins, 2002. 5-9 yrs.
Mrs. Biddlebox is having a horrible day. Maybe making this rotten morning into a cake will turn it around.

So, Meilo, ad. Gobble, Gobble, Slip, Slop: A Tale of a Very Greedy Cat; ad. and illus. by Meilo So. Knopf, 2004. 3-5 yrs.
This greedy cat is eating everything in sight. Will he ever be full?

Sturges, Philemon, ad. The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza); illus. by Amy Walrod. Dutton, 1999. 4-8 yrs.
In a fractured version of this culinary tale, a never-flustered little Red Hen takes things in stride when dog, cat, and duck refuse to help her make pizza.

Swain, Ruth Freeman. How Sweet It Is (and Was): The History of Candy; illus. by John O'Brien. Holiday House, 2003. Gr. 3-6
A tasty account of the history of sweets.

Weston, Tamson. Hey, Pancakes!; illus. by Stephen Gammell. Silver Whistle/Harcourt, 2003. 4-6 yrs.
In praise of pancakes.

Whitman, Sylvia. What's Cooking?: The History of American Food. Lerner, 2001. 5-8 yrs.
From the European settlers to trains to McDonalds, this is the story of food in the United States.

Willans, Tom. Wait! I Want to Tell You a Story; written and illus. by Tom Willans. Simon, 2005. 4-6 yrs.
Will a muskrat be able to stop a tiger from eating him by telling a story? Let's hope so!

Zunshine, Tatiana, ad. A Little Story about a Big Turnip; illus. by Evgeny Antonenkov. Pumpkin House, 2004. 2-5 yrs.
A retelling of a Russian folk-tale. When the turnip seed in the garden grows into an enormous turnip, it's going to take more than a farmer and his wife to pull it out!