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Ever Present Princess - October 2007

Selected and annotated by Jessica Titus

Auch, Mary Jane.The Princess and the Pizza; written and illus. by Mary Jane and Herm Auch. Holiday House, 2002. 5-9 yrs.Paulina enters a local contest to become the wife of a local prince. This fairy tale spoof includes a glass-slipper test, a fellow competitor reminiscent of Snow White, and a Pizza Palace.

Cabot, Meg.The Princess Diaries. HarperCollins, 2000. Gr. 5-9
High school is hard enough. After Mia learns she is the heir to a European throne, life turns chaotic. Read all the dirt in this diary-style work.

Child, Lauren.The Princess and the Pea in Miniature : After the Fairy Tale by Hans Christian Andersen; captured by Polly Borland. Hyperion Books, 2006.
The test is still whether or not the lady can feel a petite pea from beneath twelve mattresses. The differences here are a humorous telling with plenty of asides and a photograph backdrop full of details and doll furniture.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. The Princess and the Lion; illus. by Evaline Ness. Pantheon Books, 1963. Gr. 5-7
With her brother’s escape attempt about to go amiss, Princess Mariam disguises herself and dangerously departs on an expedition to warn him.

de Morgan, Mary. The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde and Other Stories; illus. by Sylvie Monti. Hutchinson/Trafalgar Square, 1992. Gr. 4-6
Every time Fiorimonde, a beautiful but wicked princess, becomes engaged her suitor vanishes and a new bead appears upon her necklace. Can she be stopped?

Ella Enchanted Dir. Tommy O’Haver. Perf. Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, and Cary Elwes. DVD. Miramax, 2004. Rated PG
Thanks to a “gift” from a fairy, Ella is forced to obey any given order. She must rely on ingenuity and a little luck to rescue her land, the future king, and herself.

Grimm, Jakob Ludwig Karl. The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Other Tales from Grimm; illus. by Lidia Postma. Dial, 1986. Gr. 4-6.
Each night twelve princesses are locked in their bedroom, shoes intact. Each morning every sole has been worn through. Where do they go and with whom do they dance?

Hale, Shannon.The Goose Girl. Bloomsbury, 2003. Gr. 6-10
This retelling of the Grimms’ tale is full of everything you might expect: a promised marriage, betrayal, mistaken identity, a forthcoming war, and a chance for the local goose girl to reclaim her crown.

Harris, Christie.Mouse Woman and the Vanished Princesses; drawings by Douglas Tait. Atheneum, 1976. Gr. 4-6.
Mouse Woman, a shape-shifter, must protect the princesses of the Northwest Coast who are sometimes charmed away by various things including a bear and enormous snails.

Levine, Gail Carson. Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep; illus by Mark Elliot. HarperCollins, 1999. Gr. 4-7
Similar to past sleeping beauties, Princess Sonora is in for a long sleep. Unlike previous gals, this princess might trade in one prince for another.

--------. The Two Princesses of Bamarre. HarperCollins, 2001. Gr. 4-7
Princess Addie was content to sit on the sidelines until her sister Merly caught the terrible Gray Death. Aided by magic and the desire for a cure, Addie sets out on her first quest.

Kimmel, Eric A., ad.The Frog Princess: A Tlingit Legend from Alaska; illus. by Rosanne Litzinger. Holiday House, 2006. 6-9 yrs.
A Tlingit girl weary of suitors claims she would rather marry a frog than any man. Her declaration is tested that night when she is led to a frog kingdom beneath the lake.

Minters, Frances. The Princess Fishtail; illus by G. Brain Karas. Viking, 2002. 6-9 yrs.
Life is grant under the sea in this modern California retelling of The Little Mermaid. Highness, the Mer-Princess, rescues local surfer Burt and then considers trading in her fins for life on land.

Mollel, Tololwa M, ad.The Princess Who Lost Her Hair: An Akamba Legend; illus. by Charles Reasoner. Troll, 1992. 5-8 yrs.
After denying a bird’s request, a haughty princess loses her hair. Will a beggar boy’s quest restore her hair and earn her love?

Ǿrdal, Stina Langlo. Princess Aasta; written and illus. by Stina Langlo Ǿrdal. Bloomsbury, 2002. 3-5 yrs.
Princess Aasta becomes fast friends with a polar bear. The two pick apples, ice skate, and visit the North Pole.

Orgel, Doris.The Princess and the God. Orchard, 1996. Gr. 6-9
Cupid and Psyche evoke romance. This novella delivers a tale of jealous, the conniving Greek gods, and, of course, love.

Shepard, Aaron, ad. The Princess Mouse: A Tale of Finland; illus. by Leonid Gore. Atheneum, 2003. 5-8 yrs.
When Mikko set out to find a sweetheart, he never expected to fall in love with a mouse.

Vaës, Alain, ad.The Princess and the Pea; ad. And illus by Alain Vaës. Little, 2001. 7-10 yrs.
The average princess is rarely a mechanic; then again, Opaline is not your average princess. Her wide-ranging skill set comes in handy when her future mother-in-law puts her to the test.

Waddell, Martin.The Tough Princess; illus. by Patrick Benson. Philomel, 1987. Gr. 2-4.
Her parents thought a prince was the only way to save their kingdom; the princess knew better.

Williams, Jay.The Practical Princess and other Liberating Fairy Tales; illus. by Rich Schreiter. Parents’ Magazine, 1978. Gr. 2-4
In the title tale, a king questions a fairy’s give of practicality to his daughter Belinda. His attitude changes when a dragon moves into the neighborhood and insists upon a princess to devour.