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Adventure Quests - January 2006

Selected and annotated by Ata Claussen

Alexander, Lloyd. The Rope Trick. Dutton, 2002 Gr. 4-7
Lidi is a traveling magician seeking to master the elusive rope trick. When traveling companion and child psychic, Daniella, is kidnapped, Lidi will need all the magic she can muster to save her.

Barker, Clive. Abarat; written and illus. by Clive Barker. Cotler/HarperCollins, 2002 Gr. 6-10
After following a mysterious path, Candy meets an eight-headed stranger from the island of Abarat and readily joins him. Soon she finds herself surrounded by both danger and a fantastical world.

Chabon, Michael. Summerland. Miramax/Hyperion, 2002 Gr. 6-10
Ethan Feld, an eleven-year-old who is bad at baseball, joins a baseball team of heroes who attempt to thwart Coyote's plan to destroy the great tree that holds universes.

Colfer, Eoin. The Wish List. Miramax/Hyperion, 2003 Gr. 6-10
When Meg dies in a failed robbery attempt, St. Peter decides that her score is tied for heaven and hell, so he sends back to earth. Meg has to help the victim of a robbery complete his wish list in order to get into heaven.

Collins, Suzanne. Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane. Scholastic, 2004 Gr. 4-7
Gregor and Boots cross the waterway underneath the streets of New York to answer the prophecy and find the white rat Bane that the rat forces are rallying around. A journey filled with prophecy and adventure follows.

Elliott, David. Evangeline Mudd and the Golden-Haired Apes of the Ikkinasti Jungle; illus. by Andréa Wesson. Candlewick, 2004 Gr. 4-6
After Evangeline's parents-- who have studied the golden-haired apes of the Ikkinasti Jungle all their lives-- fail to return from their trip on time, Evangeline decides to go after them. She finds them, along with an evil land development plot and a host of wacky characters.

Fisher, Catherine. Snow-walker. Eos/Greenwillow, 2004 Gr. 6-10
Gundrun, a snow witch, has taken over the Jarl and his followers, but it has been prophesized that she will be overthrown by her son, Kari. Kari, with help from his friends, joins the effort to remove the witch from power.

Hill, Stuart. The Cry of the Icemark. Chicken House/Scholastic, 2005 Gr. 6-9
Princess Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, fourteen-year-old heir to Icemark, must lead her people to safety after the country is attacked by enemies in this magical adventure.

Kerr, P. B. The Akhenaten Adventure. Orchard, 2004 Gr. 4-6
Two twelve-year-old twin djinn, Phillippa and John, go with their uncle Nimrod to save djinn imprisoned in an ancient Egyptian Artifact.

Sedgwick, Marcus. The Book of Dead Days. Lamb, 2004 Gr. 7-10
Boy, a fifteen-year-old, must follow his master Valerian as Valerian searches for a book that will tell him how to free himself from his pact with the devil. As they search through open graves and crypts they are accompanied by a runaway servant girl, Willow.

Skye, Obert. Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo; illus. by Ben Sowards. Shadow Mountain, 2005 Gr. 5-7
Years after the magical world of Foo was taken over and merged with our world, Leven Thumps, a human boy, is the only person who is able to destroy the gateway between the two worlds and prevent the destruction of Foo. Leven finds himself with both magical allies and foes.