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Snow - January 2006

Selected and annotated by Jennifer Greene

Bauer, Marion Dane. Snow; illus. by John Wallace. Aladdin, 2003 (Ready to Read Books). Gr. 1-2.
Discover the joy and wonder of snow in this simple but factual book for emergent readers.

Bond, Rebecca. This Place in the Snow; written and illus. by Rebecca Bond. Dutton, 2004. 5-8 yrs.
Neighborhood children transform an abundance of overnight snowfall into a wintry "kingdom."

Carle, Eric. Dream Snow; written and illus. by Eric Carle. Philomel, 2000. 3-6 yrs.
A farmer's dream comes true when he wakes up to a snow-covered merry Christmas.

Cook, Lisa Broadie. Martin MacGregor's Snowman; illus. by Adam McCauley. Walker, 2003. 5-8 yrs.
What will Martin MacGregor, neighborhood champion snowman-builder, do when winter arrives and there isn't any snow?

Fenner, Carol. Snowed In with Grandmother Silk; illus. by Amanda Harvey. Dial, 2003. Gr. 2-4.
Ruddy isn't looking forward to staying with his picky grandmother, but an unexpected snowstorm makes things interesting and reveals a whole other side of Grandmother Silk.

Gay, Marie-Louise. Stella: Queen of the Snow; written and illus. by Marie-Louise Gay. Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre, 2000. 3-6 yrs.
Stella introduces her little brother to the joy and excitement of playing in the snow.

Halpern, Julie. Toby and the Snowflakes; illus. by Matthew Cordell. Houghton, 2004. 4-7 yrs.
When Toby's best friend moves away, he deals with his loneliness by making friends with a flurry of talking snowflakes.

Landry, Leo. The Snow Ghosts; written and illus. by Leo Landry. Houghton, 2003. 3-6 yrs.
Explore a faraway place where it always is snowing and where happy snow ghosts play.

Lasky, Kathryn. Lucille's Snowsuit; illus. by Marylin Hafner. Crown, 2000. 4-7 yrs.
After struggling to get into her snowsuit, Lucille finally gets to join her older siblings playing in the snow.

Lawlor, Laurie. The School at Crooked Creek; illus. by Ronald Himler. Holiday House, 2004. Gr. 2-4.
Beansie and his older sister are less than thrilled about their first day at the schoolhouse, but a blizzard encountered on their walk back home teaches them something about themselves in this chapter book set in rural Indiana in the 1820s.

Perkins, Lynne Rae. Snow Music written and illus. by Lynne Rae Perkins. Greenwillow, 2003. 5-8 yrs.
Assorted sounds of snow are savored and made into music in this picture book.

Schaefer, Carole Lexa. Snow Pumpkin; illus. by Pierr Morgan. Crown, 2000. 4-7 yrs.
Two friends take advantage of some surprise snowfall in October by building a snowman with a pumpkin head.

Schertle, Alice. All You Need for a Snowman; illus. by Barbara Lavallee. Silver Whistle/Harcourt, 2002.
A group of children work together to create the perfect snowman.

Stojic, Manya. Snow; written and illus. by Manya Stojic. Knopf, 2002. 2-4 yrs.
Forest animals prepare for snow and winter.

Vestergaard, Hope. Hello, Snow!; illus. by Nadine Bernard Westcott. Kroupa/Farrar, 2004. 3-6 yrs.
A young child bundles up and rushes outside to enjoy a fun snowy day.